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March 2014- The electrical industry is requesting the Washington State Governor and LNI to provide an emergency rule making process to remove the Display of Licensing requirement. Your comments and emails are mandatory for this process to be approved. Send comments directly to them or to All comments must have name and contact information attached. See sample comments received below- now lets look at 500 more comments submitted to make a change.

It's very unsafe to have a license dangling around my neck around moving parts daily. Safety is priority.

I had a fan motor come on while working on a furnace and watched it go right for squirrel cage

Not a good idea to have your licenses out. Too many things can go wrong. We already take a risk in doing the work we do, why make it easier to get into a bad or possibly fatal situation.

Being forced to wear your license on your person either in an armband or dangling off your neck is just thousands of accidents/injuries, and possible death waiting to happen.

I definitely think having to wear the electrical license presents a safety hazard when working with electricity and moving components.

I had mine drop into a condenser fan and luckily the lanyard it was dangling from snapped. I got lucky! The next guy might not be. Now I have it on a clip hanging from a belt loop and was just told that it is not on my upper body so I can get fined $250.00- really LNI.

All licenses should be located in a safe place. Having it hanging on your neck is creating unsafe condition to work.

Violation of privacy!

It's really not necessary to put me in the dangerous spot where I can get pulled with it to fan motor and end up having my nose 2 inch shorter then it used to be. Let's change this to where we can work without wearing it!

I refuse to put myself in danger and will not wear my license. My photo ID and license will remain in my wallet. Fine me!

"I feel the need to display your license it's not only unsafe at work, but what if you have an irate customer who happens to notice your personal information on display, possibly endangering your whole family"

"This form of identification requirement is unprecedented. There are safety issues everywhere. Does someone really need to be injured or die for L&I to admit the obvious?"


HB #2275 & SB 6037-DID NOT PASS. If passed this new law would of allow whistleblowers of electrical companies to remain unanimous even if their claim is found unwarranted. Businesses have testified in opposition to this bill as each complaint filed could cost thousands of dollars in legal fees.

House Bill # 2500- DID NOT PASS. This bill would of required a completion of a four year apprenticeship program to become a Journeyman or Residential electrician. If passed, it would only be a matter of time before the same law trickles down to all specialty electricians.


House Bill #2323-DID NOT PASS. This bill would of no longer require electricians to display their licenses Although most of the industry does not agree with the display of licensing regulation, there was not enough comments sent to legislature for review.


Friday, June 27, 2014

HVAC/R Golf Tournament at the Coeur d'Alene Resort

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The Northwest HVAC/R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, & refrigeration) Association was originally formed in 1962 by the involvement of HVAC/R contractors and the local utilities to provide heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration training while providing a forum for passing along information to promote safety in HVAC/R service and installation. Today, they are the leading membership organization representing HVAC/R contractors, businesses and maintenance departments in the Northwest.

The NWHVACR Training Center is fully accredited private vocational college with the goal of training and updating the skills of technicians currently employed and those individuals beginning a career in the HVAC/R industry. The college applies directly to the HVAC/R industry, tailored to meet the educational and job placement needs of its students and their future employers.  EMPLOYERS: Contact the Training Center for your job placement needs. We can provide referrals for entry-level service positions, installation & maintenance helpers. Call (509) 747-8810 or email








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