LNI Electrical Update January 2020

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WAC 296-46B Rulemaking Update
The process of revising the electrical rules is underway. A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), made up of a broad cross section of representatives from the electrical industry reviewed the proposals and provided advice to the department at their meeting on December 11, 2019 in Tacoma. We have compiled all of the proposals the department will present to the Electrical Board in a First Draft of WAC 296-46B. A copy of the First Draft is available by visiting the Rule Development section of our Electrical Laws and Rules webpage. The department will receive the advice of the Electrical Board regarding the First Draft at their January 30th meeting in Tumwater.
Before adoption of any rules, there will be formal opportunities to provide written comments or present testimony at a public hearing. Watch for updates in future editions of this newsletter and at the Rule Development section of our Electrical Laws and Rules webpage. For complete details about the process, see the October 2019 Electrical Currents Newsletter Special Edition. If you need additional information or have any questions, you may contact Alicia Curry at 360-902-6244 or Alicia.Curry@lni.wa.gov.

No L&I Electrical Inspections on January 8 – Statewide Electrical Inspector Training
Training for all electrical inspectors is happening on January 7 – 9, 2020. To relieve some of the impact, January 8 will be the only day attended by all L&I inspectors, no inspections will be performed that day. On January 7 and 9, inspectors will be available but at reduced capacity. We regret the inconvenience this causes, but we have found that a statewide approach improves consistency and is the most efficient use of our training budget. Please let your customers know and plan for inspections accordingly.
Electrical Contractors – Virtual Electrical Inspections Are Here
You can now request a Virtual Electrical Inspection (VEI) on the same day at least 30 minutes in advance of when you need it. VEI is a dependable inspection process allowing customers on the jobsite to interact with inspectors online using Skype on a mobile device. You can begin using VEI now for any electrical inspections that will take no longer than 15 minutes, and that do not involve service or final approvals. To use VEI, download the Skype Application and create a profile. On the jobsite, make sure you have at least a 4G, LTE, or Wi-Fi connection on your mobile device. Use Google Chrome to schedule your inspection on the day and time you want it. To learn more, search “virtual” at www.lni.wa.gov.

Big Changes Coming for Trainees and 01 Contractors – Apprenticeship Requirement
Substitute Senate Bill 6126 passed by the legislature in 2018 affects those training to become 01 general journey level electricians and those who employ them.
 Effective July 1, 2023, to be eligible for the (01) general journey level electrician examination, applicants must have completed a recognized (01) electrical apprenticeship program approved by the Washington State Apprenticeship Training Council (WSATC) or out-of-state equivalent.
 After June 30, 2023, unless working in a specialty, trainees must be registered apprentices. Apprenticeship programs may credit certain properly documented electrical experience on record with the department such as, 4000 hours required to obtain an electrical specialty certificate, military experience or completion of a two-year training school
program. Students enrolled in a two-year program in the electrical construction trade are not required to be registered
apprentices while gaining on-the-job training experience during an externship.